Digital Tools Introduces SubscriptionAI: Revolutionizing the Way You Stream
Cutting-Edge iOS App, Rivr, Unveils Advanced SubscriptionAI Feature
 Digital Tools Introduces SubscriptionAI: Revolutionizing the Way You Stream
January 13, 2022

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Digital Tools, a leading innovator in the realm of mobile applications, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new feature for their highly acclaimed iOS app, Rivr. SubscriptionAI leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform the streaming experience, allowing users to effortlessly track and optimize their favorite shows across multiple streaming platforms.

SubscriptionAI represents a groundbreaking leap forward in personalized streaming management. By analyzing a user's preferred shows and employing AI algorithms, Rivr predicts the release dates of upcoming seasons and optimizes the ideal subscription timeline for each streaming service. This ensures that users can enjoy all their favorite content while minimizing their subscription expenses.

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Key Features of SubscriptionAI:

Streamline Your Subscriptions

SubscriptionAI provides users with a comprehensive yearly calendar, precisely outlining the most strategic moments to subscribe to each streaming service. Gone are the days of paying for services during long content droughts or missing out on the latest episodes of beloved shows due to lapsed subscriptions. With Rivr's SubscriptionAI, users can bid farewell to unnecessary subscription costs and hello to optimized streaming.

Intelligent Recommendations

In addition to optimizing subscription timelines, SubscriptionAI offers intelligent recommendations tailored to each user's preferences. The app proactively suggests actions based on upcoming releases and platform offerings. Whether it's advising users to cancel Hulu and subscribe to Apple TV+ for exclusive premieres or highlighting a new must-watch series on Netflix, SubscriptionAI ensures that users stay ahead of the streaming curve.

Maximize Your Savings

SubscriptionAI isn't just about convenience and efficiency; it also helps users save money. By following the recommendations provided by Rivr's AI-driven feature, users can calculate their estimated monthly and yearly savings. With SubscriptionAI, users can enjoy their favorite content while keeping their streaming expenses in check.

Digital Tools is proud to bring SubscriptionAI to Rivr, demonstrating their commitment to empowering users in an increasingly fragmented streaming landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Rivr delivers an unparalleled streaming experience, intelligently tailored to each individual's preferences and budget.

"We believe that streaming should be a personalized and cost-effective experience," said Andrew Farquharson, Director at Digital Tools. "SubscriptionAI brings an innovative solution to the table, enabling users to optimize their streaming subscriptions effortlessly. With this new feature, Rivr solidifies its position as the ultimate companion for streaming enthusiasts."

SubscriptionAI is now available to all Rivr Pro users as part of the latest app update. Discover a new era of streaming management by downloading Rivr today from the App Store.

About Digital Tools:

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