Digital Tools Introduces Wall Monitor: The Ultimate iOS App for Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Monitoring
The Essential iOS App for Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Monitoring and Optimization.
Digital Tools Introduces Wall Monitor: The Ultimate iOS App for Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Monitoring
July 23, 2022

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Digital Tools, a leading innovator in the field of mobile applications, is proud to announce the launch of Wall Monitor, a revolutionary iOS app designed to empower Tesla owners with real-time monitoring and control of their Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connectors. With Wall Monitor, users can effortlessly connect to their Wall Connectors and gain unprecedented insights into their charging experience, all from the convenience of their iOS devices.

Real-time Information at Your Fingertips

Wall Monitor revolutionizes the charging experience by providing users with comprehensive real-time information. Stay informed about your charging session by effortlessly tracking crucial data such as temperatures, voltages, and power usage. With this invaluable insight, users can optimize their charging strategies, ensuring an efficient and effective charging process.

Detailed Real-time Charts for Enhanced Monitoring

Monitoring your Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector has never been easier or more visually engaging. Wall Monitor enables users to access detailed real-time charts, empowering them to track power usage and temperatures throughout the charging session. This intuitive feature allows for quick identification of patterns and anomalies, enabling users to make data-driven decisions to maximize their charging efficiency.

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Decode Alerts and Faults for Swift Issue Resolution

Wall Monitor goes beyond simple monitoring capabilities. By leveraging advanced decoding technology, the app provides users with the ability to decipher all Wall Connector alerts and faults promptly. This feature proves invaluable in diagnosing issues quickly, allowing for swift resolution and ensuring a seamless charging experience.

WiFi Quality Check for Uninterrupted Connectivity

Reliable internet connectivity is essential for optimal charging performance. Wall Monitor offers a built-in WiFi quality check, allowing users to assess the connection quality and ensure uninterrupted access to their Wall Connector. Stay connected effortlessly and charge with confidence, knowing that your charging experience remains uninterrupted.

Comprehensive Energy Statistics and Lifetime Metrics

With Wall Monitor, users can effortlessly maintain a log of their energy usage, gaining invaluable insights into their charging patterns. Access detailed statistics on energy consumption, connector cycles, and charging time, enabling users to make informed decisions about their charging habits and optimize their energy usage effectively.


Wall Monitor is now available for download on the Apple App Store, compatible with iOS devices running iOS 12 or later. The app seamlessly integrates with Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connectors, enhancing the charging experience for Tesla owners. For more information, please visit

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