Introducing Extra Trips for Tesla: Revolutionizing Journey Tracking for Tesla Owners
Now Available for Pre-order; Launching April 9, 2024
Introducing Extra Trips for Tesla: Revolutionizing Journey Tracking for Tesla Owners
March 25, 2024

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — In an era where every journey counts, Extra Trips is set to redefine the way Tesla owners track, analyze, and share their driving experiences. This innovative iOS app, available now for pre-order, will be officially released on April 9, 2024, promising to elevate the Tesla driving experience to unprecedented heights.

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Extra Trips emerges as a groundbreaking tool, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of Tesla enthusiasts. Whether you're embarking on cross-country adventures, managing daily commutes, or simply passionate about data, Extra Trips offers a comprehensive suite of features that ensure every drive is captured in full detail.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Trip Meters: Gone are the days of being limited to just two trip meters. With Extra Trips, users can track an unlimited number of journeys, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

  • All Your Teslas in One App: Extra Trips allows Tesla owners to add and manage all their vehicles in a single platform, simplifying the way mileage and trips are tracked.

  • Sub-Trip Segmentation: This feature introduces a new level of granularity in journey tracking, allowing users to create detailed segments of their trips for better analysis and documentation.

  • Full Control Over Your Trips: With the ability to pause, resume, and complete trips at will, Extra Trips puts the power back in the hands of the driver, making trip tracking a breeze.

  • Data Exportation: Offering unparalleled data control, users can export their journey details in user-friendly formats, making data sharing and analysis more accessible than ever.

  • At-a-Glance Odometer Tracking: Keeping tabs on your Tesla’s mileage is now easier and more accurate, with all odometer readings accessible in one convenient location.

Screen shots of app.

Why Extra Trips?

Extra Trips leverages the Official Tesla API to offer enhanced security and data privacy, ensuring that users have complete control over the information shared with the app. This commitment to security, combined with the app's robust feature set, makes Extra Trips an essential addition to any Tesla owner’s app collection.


Extra Trips is now available for pre-order on the iOS App Store and will be released to the public on April 9, 2024. Some features may require a one-time, lifetime in-app purchase.

Note: A Tesla Account with a Tesla Vehicle added is necessary to utilize Extra Trips fully.

Embark on a new journey of discovery, analysis, and enjoyment with Extra Trips for Tesla. Your driving experience, enhanced.

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Extra Trips for Tesla
Extra Trips, the new iOS app for Tesla drivers, revolutionizes trip tracking by offering unlimited trip meters and the ability to create precise sub-trips or segments.
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